It was 1982 - Dad's bartending "hobby" had now extended to the rest of the family. Back in the 80's we were - yes yes -    "The Waters Family Bartenders" ( not to be confused with the "Von Trap Family Singers").

Buddy Waters knew everyone who was anyone in the Greater Hartford Area. To quote my brother Steve:

 "He not only knew what you drank, he knew where you lived  and where you previously lived; he knew where you were working and where you worked before; and he knew who you were married to and, yes, whom you were married to previously".

He had many connections in the political and business circuit as well as thru the Sportsmans Club and the US Postal Service. and of course - his winning smile!

We bartended parties in the hey dey of the 1980s' at CBT, The University of Hartford, the Wadsworth Atheneum, St. Joseph's college as well as a plethora of homes in Hartford, West Hartford, Farmington, Simsbury, Fenwick and Agawam - just to name a few. 

He also knew many caterers and event planners and was called on for significant events like the Governors (O'Neil  ) Inaugural Ball.


While Toby Moffet was running for State Senate against Lowell Weicker- several fundraising events coordinated by West Hartford's own Joan Hurwit. Moffet hailed from the Newtown area and called in a few heavy hitters to draw people ( and donations) to his fundraisers. Specifically - Paul Newman.     If you look at NewsMeat.com, you can see the contributors to Moffetts run for the Senate, including Paul Newmans name on the list ( ya see folks - I CAN'T make this stuff up!)

Joan Hurwit called upon Bud Waters often to serve drinks at an event. 


And who else would she call upon but Buddy to serve a drink to Mr. Paul Newman?

As it turns out - Dad, Mom, Mary, Steve and I all bartended the Toby Moffet fundraiser. Terri worked at McDonald's [ of Rocky Hill ] that night flipping burgers and salting fries instead of meeting Paul Newman.


I served Mr. Newman a bottle of Budweiser -- and held onto that bottle for many years. Somewhere in all my moves ( and name-changes) it has lost it's way into the recycling bin - Mr. Newman would be proud! 

After the Newman fundraiser their was another one - with Mr. Robert Redford! I remember I shook his hand standing in my black skirt, white shirt and red vest while he was standing in an in-ground pool!

To Quote Terri: " He shook my hand while he was in the pool. And the water of the pool glistened off the hairs on his chest. I will never forget it."


Mom and Mr. Redford                                               Dad, Toby Moffett, Joan Hurwit, and Mr. Redford!

         Mary with Mr Redford. 


Yes this is me - at 14 with braces and Farrah Hair!       

oh and whatever happened to the 1982 Senate race:      " In 1982 Moffett challenged U.S. Senator Lowell Weicker. While 1982 was a strong year for the Democrats nationwide as Reaganomics had not improved the economy at that point, Moffett found liberal Republican Weicker wasn't considered too conservative by Connecticut voters, and was defeated by Weicker 52% to 46%."   [ courtesy of: Nation Master ]

Now that Mr. Newman has moved on and dad is serving his drinks once again - 

please support his foundation - Newman's Own   and the Hole in the Wall Gang.

and if you haven't seen Cool Hand Luke, Inferno or Slap Shot - then you don't know Newman!






Although that one evening in the Linden building in Hartford was just a
blip on the radar of Mr. Newman' life...it left a lasting impact on the
"Waters Family Bartenders"! 


~ circa 1992 ~


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